FlexTILT Head 2 Review: The Ultimate Pan & Tilt Solution


FlexTILT Head 2 is an ultra-flexible camera positioning solution that can be mounted on a tripod or used independently. The product looks like a small square brick and has foldable legs that sit right inside the box. It weighs about 5 pounds; so a lot heavier than a gorilla tripod. This is not exactly an alternative to gorilla tripod as ...

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Google and OnePlus Embrace the Junior Flagship Trend


Earlier in May of 2019, Google released the Pixel 3A. At the same time, OnePlus made a significant change to its business model by expanding its single flagship device into a basic and Pro model. For the phone industry, this was a major moment. Want to know what makes these two phones so significant in the world of mobile tech? ...

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Where are Millennials Moving? Miami, of course


Millennials are known for doing life on their own terms and following their hearts to live out their dreams. This is one of the reasons that many millennials are moving to Miami after graduation. Whether they’re hoping to find celebrity status or enjoy star-studded nights partying downtown, there’s no way around it: Millenials are made for Miami. Read on for ...

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Computing


Cloud computing, once a promising trend, has now become a ubiquitous reality that’s benefitting companies of all sizes. Its dynamic nature, its instant accessibility, its flexibility, and its cutting edge technologies have put cloud-based computing in the spotlight. Thus, it’s become a must-have for doing business in the 21st century. In fact, cloud computing has become such an essential technology ...

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Attractive Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

Settlement Loan

Are you a woman entrepreneur who is looking out to start something of your own? How are you planning to fund your business? Which are the right banks or lenders you need to approach for implementing your start-up or expansion plan? What unique offerings do the current financial institutions have for you? You will find answers to all these questions ...

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Benefits of Using Printable Welcome Letter Templates

Business technology

A welcome letter may range from very simple to complex. When it comes to complicated letters, they include the new staff orientation schedule, job titles, and names of employees that new staff will face at an initial stage. They can consist of a precise timeline for new staffs for the 1st week or day at work on their new job. ...

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The Champions of Mobile Casino Gaming Share their Secret Tips

Secret tips

Mastering any skill takes time and effort, but it also takes a little know-how. If you’ve always wondered how come the same people manage to win casino tournaments over and over, reading this article is the right move. We’ve spoken to some of the biggest social gamers and got valuable tips on how to increase your chances of hitting the ...

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It’s Motorcycle Season! Here’s How to Keep Your Passenger Safe


After months of shoddy weather and inclement rain, warm summer days are here to stay. Any motorcycle owner knows there’s nothing better than feeling the rush of freedom as you speed down the highway on your motorcycle. Now that it’s the perfect time to ride your motorcycle, however, you need to ascertain that your passengers stay safe. Many people won’t ...

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Implementing Dynamic Web Design

Chruch website

More and more businesses are opting to utilize dynamic web design over the static option. This begs the question of what a dynamic website actually is. Essentially, it is a website where the content is dynamically generated. This means that what is displayed is determined by a set of predetermined parameters. In most instances, it will be displayed in relation ...

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6 Advantages of Using CRM Software Within Your Business


Choosing a CRM system may be one of the best moves a business owner can make. CRM or customer relationship management software allows businesses to manage relationships with current and future customers. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the biggest advantages of CRM software. Gaining an Understanding of Customers CRM software suites have unique interfaces. When comparing Marketo competitors, ...

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