6 Colleges & Universities to Study AR/VR

Virtual reality is having a moment. From the game industry to education, it’s getting implemented more and more into daily practice. Naturally, numerous tech programs included AR/VR in their curricula. So, if you’re interested in taking part in creating this technology, now is your time to choose. The market for it is only getting bigger and bigger.

Notably, you’ll have to do your research first. Unlike Engineering, AR/VR is not mentioned in the program title. But numerous top schools offer minors or extensive courses to learn all the tricks behind creating VR/AR technology. So, to save you some time, here are six colleges and universities to apply for learning everything about VR/AR.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you want to get the best education possible and bright career prospects, MIT is the way to go. Being a pioneer of technology education in the US, MIT offers excellent opportunities for its students. This school keeps its finger on any innovation and provides the most advanced programs. And that includes AR/VR.

Whatever program you choose, you can also take the MITxPro online certificate program. It lasts for eight weeks and focuses heavily on AR/VR. Similarly, you can take elective courses that focus on the subject matter. Thus, you’ll get in-depth knowledge of AR/VR within your tech education.

Undeniably, earning a spot at MIT is a daunting challenge. It’s a rigorous competition that requires your utmost effort. Significantly, a powerful motivational letter is absolutely necessary. If you’re uncertain about crafting an effective one, you can rely on a do my assignment for me service for this task. You can always refine it according to your preference, but gaining initial guidance from experts can be highly beneficial. 

Northeast University

Another great option to consider is The College of Arts, Media, and Design (CADM) of Northeast University. There you can take a minor in Immersive Media. It focuses heavily on augmented reality and computer-human experience. So, it serves as a great extension of your tech education if you’re interested in AR/VR and how to design it.

Moreover, with an Immersive Media minor, you’ll have access to CADM labs that have everything for learning AR/VR in practice. Thus, you can work on your projects and ideas while studying at one of the best schools for design technology. Maybe you would even create your first AR/VR hit game in that lab. Who knows.

The Tandon School of Engineering of New York University

If you want the top tech education with the opportunity to get all the necessary skills for working in AR/VR, look no further. Tandon School of Engineering of New York University is just the place for you. With numerous options for design programs, it also offers a Professional Certificate Program that focuses heavily on AR/VR technology.

Graduates of the program have high chances to get hired by such top tech companies as Apple or Major League Gaming. Moreover, there is a good possibility of getting an internship in one of these companies while studying. And considering all the resources and encompassing AR/VR education, you’ll probably be getting a job offer after graduation.  

University of Maryland

With the University of Maryland, you can pursue AR/VR from art or science perspectives. Both the College of Art and Humanities and the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences offer Bachelor’s programs with a heavy focus on AR/VR. So, all you have to do is decide what you enjoy about virtual reality the most: design or engineering.

Either way, you’ll have an opportunity to learn a lot about how to create or design for AR/VR technology. Besides the labs, where you can test the latest innovations in the field, you also get access to the Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Center. It is designed for the purpose to support an interest in AR/VR and raise future frontrunners in the field.

Rochester Institute of Technology

If your interest in AR/VR relates mostly to the game industry, consider looking into the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Its School of Interactive Games and Media has a New Media Interactive Development BS that has a heavy focus on AR/VR technology. It’s part of the curriculum and the subject matter of your future coursework for the program.

Moreover, the Institute’s MAGIC Center has one of the most advanced AR/VR labs that are accessible to students. There you can experiment and learn about the latest innovations in the field, and create your projects. The Institute is highly supportive of any initiative as the primary goal of the MAGIC Center is to raise awareness and interest in AR/VR.

Drexel University

Do you want to get a job in AR/VR as a part of your studies? Then, look no further than Drexel University. Any of their programs implies working for six months in the chosen field as a part of the curriculum. Thus, you’ll be getting your first working experience and maybe even your first serious job offer after graduation.

The unit you need to set your eyes on is Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. There you can get VR & Immersive Media Minor. So, you get both basic principles of design and composition in your major and extensive knowledge of how to design for AR/VR. Notably, you can even try yourself in the students’ design firm owned by the university.

But as much as this program focuses on aesthetics, it’s still full of predominantly tech subjects. So, you have to be ready to step up your STEM game to get into the desired program at Drexel University. And that would be totally worth it for the opportunity to get your first job before even getting your BS diploma.      

Wrapping Up

And that’s about it. Apply to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for getting full advantage of the MITxPro program in AR/VR. Consider Northeast University to get all the benefits of an Immersive Media Minor. Look at Tandon School of Engineering of New York University to land a job in a prestigious tech company. Choose the University of Maryland to get the most support for your AR/VR endeavors. Apply to Rochester Institute of Technology to get all the AR/VR knowledge for the gaming industry. And finally, do not sleep on Drexel University if you want to start your career while still in college.  

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