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The reality behind virtual reality

Mobile Phone

Let’s go back ten years. The need to know about the world and to connect with everyone was strong, and hence came the cell phones. But human being is selfish and also never satisfied. Our minds kept wandering, trying to find a way to live in an alternate reality and hence came the virtual reality devices. For the first time ...

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5 Ways We Can Use VR Technology

If you think gaming is the only way to implement VR; think again. There’s a whole range of industries where virtual reality can change our daily lives for the better. Starting with how VR will transform gaming, let’s look at some of the main uses and benefits of virtual reality technology. Gaming It is estimated that around 1.7 billion people ...

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Virtual Reality : How To Create Your 360 Degree Video

What does 360 degree video recording got to do with Virtual Reality? Everything. You might have heard of Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus. But virtual reality has been at inception way before the 1950s. Stanley G. Weinbaum‘s short story, “Pygmalion Spectacles”- written in 1935, is regarded as the earliest science fiction that explores the concept of virtual reality and its ...

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Virtual Reality Smash: A Guide to All Things VR

It is no secret that game developers and major tech companies are all focused on one thing for the coming years ahead. This delectable technology? Virtual reality, of course. The twenty-first century has been all about fast-paced, ever-changing trends. People are constantly looking for the next best experience that technology has to offer. With 3D quickly becoming old news, the ...

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Reality (VR) Will Take Over the World

Virtual reality (VR) has finally arrived and it is about to take the world by storm, changing the way we game, shop, and interact online. Long an idea seemingly destined to be trapped in the pages of sci-fi books and futurist magazines, virtual reality is a dream no longer. Virtual reality (VR) is finally here, and it is promising to ...

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CyberWalk Makes Virtual Reality A Little More Real

One major issue that has plagued the virtual reality market is its inablilty to create a realistic navigational environment. Even when you don those VR goggles, there are always limits to how far you can move, which really puts a damper on the whole virtual experience. We’ve seen attempts at solving these problems before, but never in such an advanced ...

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