Virtual Reality : How To Create Your 360 Degree Video


What does 360 degree video recording got to do with Virtual Reality?


You might have heard of Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus. But virtual reality has been at inception way before the 1950s. Stanley G. Weinbaum‘s short story, “Pygmalion Spectacles”- written in 1935, is regarded as the earliest science fiction that explores the concept of virtual reality and its effects on mankind. With an impressive legacy and a roster of startups harping on shaping a brand new technological revolution, how important is Virtual reality going to be in the nearby future?

Thats for us to wait and watch, but the future does look promising.

Now, how do you create 360 Degree videos?

Computer games and Animated movies have a headstart on this one. They have been perfecting the art of recreating realistic 3D computer generated content since ages. But capturing 360 degree videos is an entirely new ball game- something that needs a whole bunch of equipment and regulations.

Equipment needed to shoot 360 degree videos

Here is the good news- 360 videos are figuratively easier to make thanks to modern innovation. Grab a camera rig with 6-10 GoPro cameras that are mounted as specific angles so that it can overlap blind spots of each other. As the recording progresses, the GoPro cameras’ record the surroundings with clear 360 degrees.

How do you hold the rig? That depends solely upon your preferences as the need arises. You can hold it, mount it on a tripod or even hang it on a drone! It’s relatively easy.


Source: Virtual Reality Brisbane

Where do you place the camera?

The camera placement has a lot to do with weaving a magical story. Before placing the camera on the sets, you need to consider what the role of the person wearing the VR headset will be like.

Are they out for a stroll observing or active players in your story?

Should the camera hang from odd places or mounted on the ground? Maybe your ideal location will be to mount the cameras several feet above ground-to an average person’s eyesight/ height. This will further help the user wander in a near mystical interaction with your video and will find something curious to look at all directions.

Peripheral of vision

EVERYTHING falls under the periphery of the camera rig.


You, your crew, lighting systems, equipment, microphones, dirty footprints, the tiny crack on the ceiling and absolutely everything else. This type of recording does limit customizability, but it gives the director the freedom to be innovative

Envision the big picture. As you scout for locations, consider the entire space as your playground. How would you want the user to interact with your story? Ensure it has ample supply of light and easy access to equipment as the need arises.

360 degree video recording has endless possibilities! From shooting poker games to wedding receptions and adventure sports, you get to travel to myriad places and experience wonderful moments without having to leave your chair!

If that’s not a game changer, i do not know what is.

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