How iGaming changed over the years

The iGaming industry has always been dynamic and continuously skyrocketing. The evolution of gambling from the early civilization during the discovery of the dice in the Paleolithic period until its fusion with technology is evident that gambling is the oldest form of human entertainment and is still loved up to the present.

iGaming is a wagering online activity where the bettors place a bet on a live activity or an outcome of a game. This activity is applied to sports betting and other online casino games.

Over the years, iGaming can be conveniently played in any modern gadget particularly smartphones using a stable internet connection. The CasinoCrawlers ensures the best nz$ casinos and legit casino sites.

The New iGaming

Since the online casino was introduced in 1994 by Microgaming software, betting online has evolved along with the advancement of technology.

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones became a big leap to virtual bettors since they became the basic commodity to many. In 2004, Microgaming software, the same company that introduced online casinos again introduced another breakthrough which is the mobile casino. Avid online gamers simply have to download a preferred casino site, sign up and make a deposit, and presto! They can immediately wager online to their heart’s content.


The majority of sports lovers at this time prefer watching live games online like Youtube and other video-sharing sites. Hence, online sports bettors arrange in advance with their trusted bookies and ask for a piece of information about the said event, the potential player or team to win, and place a bet.

AR and VR

The favorite among all players from different generations, AR and VR are considered the best-ever technology for an ultimate gaming experience. These technologies give realistic images combined with a fantastic sound that transports the player to the virtual world and to feel physically present in the digital environment.

In Augmented Reality, the player copies the physical environment and places it side by side with the digital game using their handheld phone or any modern gadget making the gambling experience more surreal.

Virtual Reality on the other hand gives the player a chance to immerse in the digital world using a special augmented headset and controls. Through immersing in the 3D world, the player can control their environment as if they were there.

Influence of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become the most prominent alternative to currency worldwide at present. It can be used in purchasing goods, services, stakes, and other forms of IGaming.

Bitcoin in particular is a form of cryptocurrency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is the pioneer among all crypto and until now is considered the most trusted and famous. Bitcoin can be used in monetary transactions including online casinos and online sports for faster and more efficient dealings with minimal fees or none at all depending on the casino site.

All crypto regulations must be decided by Malta which includes MDIA, ITAS, VFA, and blockchain laws. The European Union is the first to legalize cryptocurrency and acts at a forefront of the cryptocurrency movement. The best thing about Cryptocurrency is it gives the player anonymity since the majority want privacy and don’t want their identity to be known.

Final Insight:

iGaming developed with time and has become more developed. The future of iGaming is huge and thanks to technological advancement. In general, iGaming has become part of our lives in the form of entertainment.

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