Best Betting Markets for FIFA World Cup Games

Introduction to FIFA

The FIFA World Cup, well known as the World Cup, is a competition between the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA can attract a huge fan base of football enthusiasts due to its special license rights. Football wagering online has become commonplace. Given the wide range of World Cup soccer betting options, choosing the best bets can occasionally be difficult. 

You shouldn’t worry, though, as this brief review post on FIFA betting is intended to help you make wagers on the FIFA World Cup. Every key World Cup betting market and the betting option is covered here.

How Betting with FIFA Works?

The FIFA eWorld Cup is the biggest competition accessible, playing out similarly to real-world football. FIFA games are chaotic and fast-paced, with comebacks frequently happening in under 30 seconds. Even if your selection is up 3-0 at the half, you shouldn’t feel confident because even bigger advantages have faded in the past. This is because many goals are scored. To make an informed decision, you must first be familiar with the athlete you are backing and, ideally, his competition. Before making a wager, you must compare the ability levels of both players and, more importantly, their playing styles and game plans. If they both are particularly active, gambling on the Over X goals market might be a solid option. If one player is known for his defense and the other for his offense, you can try to place a corner handicap wager or a possession advantage wager. As we previously discussed, comebacks are common, and therefore if you happen to watch a game live, you might bet on a team to win because this is when the juicy odds are available.

Numerous reputable and legal bookmakers have already added FIFA betting to their offerings. All you have to do to put in a FIFA wager is register, fund your account, and select your wager.

Top Betting Markets for FIFA World Cup Games

The most popular betting options for FIFA World Cup games are covered in this section.

  1. Match Result Bet

The simplest bet you can make is a match result (or moneyline) bet. There are only three options available for the match result bet. Select a team to win the match or wager on a tie. 

  1. Goal-Based Market Bets

The most popular FIFA betting sites include goal-based wagers. Numerous goal-based markets are accessible:

  • Over/Under Total Goals With this World Cup betting option, we can forecast how many goals will be scored in a game.
  • Over/Under Team Goals You may also bet on how many goals each team will score during a game.
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – This market is exactly what it sounds like: both teams must score. Whether you believe both teams will score, choose “yes,” or whether you don’t, choose “no.”
  • Total Goals Brackets In this market, you can select goal brackets rather than over/under a certain number of goals.
  1. Goalscorer Markets

The top goal scorers in the industry showcase their talents every four years, and you can bet on them! Players can benefit from the three primary goalscorer markets. 

First Goalscorer: As you might anticipate, this market lets you guess who will score the opening goal in a World Cup game.

Anytime Goalscorer market: You may also bet on a player to score at any point during a World Cup game with the Anytime Goalscorer market. The Last Goalscorer market, arguably the trickiest goalscorer wager to nail, lets you guess who will score the game’s final goal.

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Top FIFA World Cup Betting Options

  1. Handicap

Regarding points, goals, or other criteria used to determine the winner, handicap betting provides one team with a “head start.” In other words, the handicap is utilized to balance the chances between two opponents who aren’t evenly matched. Typically, a weaker team receives such an advantage, or a better team receives a disadvantage. To balance the odds between teams winning or losing a game without influencing the outcome, handicap betting is a great option.

  1. Correct Score

One of the most common bets in football is a correct score wager. The precise final score of a soccer game at full time must be chosen to place a correct score wager. The bettor must determine not only the outcome that will win but also the precise number of goals that each side will score.

  1. Half Time/Full Time

You can place bets on the result at halftime and the game’s conclusion. The bettor must decide the outcome after the first half and the full game. The most popular application is in soccer betting, with nine potential outcomes.

  1. Double Chance

Double Chance wagering increases your chances of winning from a single event. The 3-way betting option is where the Double Chance wager operates (1X2). Choose two outcomes rather than simply one. The likelihood of winning the Double Chance is 67%. Place a wager on the favorite and a backup selection.

  1. Draw No Bet

A “draw no bet” wager eliminates the chance of a tie result. In this kind of wager, gamblers can decide whether they want their favorite team to win or the underdog. A draw-no bet can be useful when it’s impossible to completely rule out the possibility that your choice will result in a tie.


FIFA is a game that we all like playing. FIFA estimates billions of dollars are made worldwide by betting on football games. The global betting industry is expanding quickly. Although this industry brings in money for football, it also jeopardizes the game’s reputation. But to protect the integrity of football around the world, FIFA has implemented specific restrictions regarding wagering, gambling, and other related activities. When placing your best World Cup bets, keep the crucial factors in mind to increase your chances of winning big on FIFA.

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