DIYs & Mods

Woodpixel is your DIY wall art

Maybe an interesting concept, or maybe just another overly-simplistic idea that no one but old school arcade fanboys will buy into. The entire premise of Woodpixel, the 100 x 100 square Scrabble-type board,is that you take 100 different cubes with different shapes of wood on each of the six sides and make your own 8-bit video game character to hang ...

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Wiimote wrist strap protection

Don’t worry, this review is for you to help that member of the family you know will be the next one who broke their TV with the Wiimote. The one who’s hands are always sweaty for no reason, the one who stares at the screen when its blank, the one who just finished with their fan fiction story about Mario’s ...

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ShuffleBud replaces your Shuffle’s pointless dock

If you think that your new iPod Shuffle’s dock is a tad bit of overkill, you aren’t alone. The people at Incipio have released a clever little device that allows you to plug your Shuffle directly into your computer just as you do with a USB flash drive. The Icipio iPod Shufflebud is extremely simple, and it accomplishes a goal ...

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Xbox 360 – One-Handed!

Ben Heck (he of console laptop fame) has designed and built a one-handed Xbox 360 controller for an injured Iraq war veteran. Most of the controls are on the underside, including the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the right analog stick, and both triggers (the left trigger is operated via the index finger, the right via the pinky).   ...

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Hack your iTunes album art

When iTunes announced it’s feature of automatically importing high-quality album cover images to my iTunes library, the tech-loving side of our brains here at Gearfuse started to sing a song of praise. We have dreamed of a smooth integration of album artwork and iTunes pretty much since we’ve had an iPod. For the most part, a smooth integration was exactly ...

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