One Wii to rule them all…: The Wiimote house controller

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Now this is a sweet Wii hack. LiquidIce, master of Wii hacks, has listed an amazingly useful hack for the Wii that makes the game console a electronic control device for your home utilities. It allows you to control your homes temperature, security camera, music playback, Cable DVR, among other household objects. If one wishes to master ones Wii, one must wield his Wii with an authoritative punch of usefulness. The Wiihacks site gives you all the information you need to set this divine creature up, but let us warn you, the quest will not be an easy one. The real power behind this hack is the WACI NX server emulated through a Nokia 770. We now wonder whether J.R.R Tolkien meant to say “One Wii to rule them all…” rather then the legendary ring. Maybe it’s a metaphor? Video after the jump.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”beZC2gpFN7I”][/ev]

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LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks [via Joystiq]

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