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Coming Soon: Justification For Your Angry Game Controller Throwing Fits

Back in the day when the Nintendo Wii was first released, there were a whole bunch of broken TVs thanks to Wiimotes thrown in fits of anger at the ‘cheating’ computer character in the game. Philips has a recently revealed patent that shows a gaming system which not only encourages, but demands that you toss around your peripherals.

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Super Smash Bros. Adds Even More Ways To Control The Wii

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii console is playable with four-different types of controls. The first three are the standard nunchuck, classic controller, and game cube controller, though the new game adds a new method to the mayhem. Super Smash Bros. can also be controlled by turning your Wii Remote on its side, giving it a classic controller feel. ...

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New Wii bowling game takes on real bowling with a more realistic look

Brunswick Pro Bowling, a new game for the Nintendo Wii, is set to take on the ever popular Wii Bowling. In terms of realistic bowling gaming, Brunswick’s graphics seem to win the competition hands down, but does more realistic bowler mania translate to more fun? Brunswick aims to give gamers a realistic bowling center experience, along with realistic looking characters ...

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Forget Bocci: Old-Timers turn to the Wii for family fun

The image above says it all. The line between gaming, culture, and age has been broken thanks to the Wii and its ability to draw in all crowds from every demographic. And with the Wii Sports features of bowling and table tennis, how could a senior resist? All the exercise without any of the harmful UV rays. What more could ...

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MyTego introduces total electronic personalization of your favorite devices

Only days ago on Christmas Day, millions of people were introduced to new personal electronics, many of which fall under one of the “Big 10” which includes the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, ipod Nano, Blackberry, Treo, DELL Notebook Laptop, Motorola and Palm. With the millions of hands now playing with their gadgets, there are millions of people eager ...

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One Wii to rule them all…: The Wiimote house controller

Now this is a sweet Wii hack. LiquidIce, master of Wii hacks, has listed an amazingly useful hack for the Wii that makes the game console a electronic control device for your home utilities. It allows you to control your homes temperature, security camera, music playback, Cable DVR, among other household objects. If one wishes to master ones Wii, one ...

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