Wiimote wrist strap protection

wiimote line protection

Don’t worry, this review is for you to help that member of the family you know will be the next one who broke their TV with the Wiimote. The one who’s hands are always sweaty for no reason, the one who stares at the screen when its blank, the one who just finished with their fan fiction story about Mario’s love triangle with Peach and Luigi. The first stories of Wiimotes flying out of hands and breaking TVs when either the wrist strap wasn’t on, or in the extreme cases, snaps because someone wanted that tennis ball to go 300mph when 100 would have done. As a safeguard for your TV (which costs FAR more than your Wii), please tie some fishing line to your Wiimote and wrist strap to ensure that next time it slips, it won’t impale your beautiful screen. — Nik Gomez

Wiimote Wrist Strap Protection [via CrunchGear]

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