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woodpixelMaybe an interesting concept, or maybe just another overly-simplistic idea that no one but old school arcade fanboys will buy into. The entire premise of Woodpixel, the 100 x 100 square Scrabble-type board,is that you take 100 different cubes with different shapes of wood on each of the six sides and make your own 8-bit video game character to hang on your wall. Of course, if you didn’t want to make something about video games, you can always just make a geometric design, but that’s kind of boring, right? The examples shown on the Woodpixel site are cool looking, but not exactly wall worthy. It’s a small gift perfectly timed for Christmas, but it’s a little more than a ploy to your money.

After looking at Woodpixel for while and after reading the digg comments, this problem came up and it makes so much sense:

the first thing I did when I got the site was count the pixels, my first impression was like ‘hey cool’ and then I realized that it wasn’t 16×16. It just makes it seem like no real thought was put into this, 10×10 seems like the default size for someone who as never really put any thought into working with pixels. This product seems like it was made by someone with a wood working background who just figured, ‘hey maybe I could market this real quick’.

Nik Gomez

Woodpixel [via digg]

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