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ShuffleBud replaces your Shuffle’s pointless dock

If you think that your new iPod Shuffle’s dock is a tad bit of overkill, you aren’t alone. The people at Incipio have released a clever little device that allows you to plug your Shuffle directly into your computer just as you do with a USB flash drive. The Icipio iPod Shufflebud is extremely simple, and it accomplishes a goal ...

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Xbox 360 – One-Handed!

Ben Heck (he of console laptop fame) has designed and built a one-handed Xbox 360 controller for an injured Iraq war veteran. Most of the controls are on the underside, including the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the right analog stick, and both triggers (the left trigger is operated via the index finger, the right via the pinky).   ...

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Hack your iTunes album art

When iTunes announced it’s feature of automatically importing high-quality album cover images to my iTunes library, the tech-loving side of our brains here at Gearfuse started to sing a song of praise. We have dreamed of a smooth integration of album artwork and iTunes pretty much since we’ve had an iPod. For the most part, a smooth integration was exactly ...

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