MagnoGrip for the smart Do-It-Yourself’er


This is a glorious idea. One problem of working on DIY projects is that those damn nuts and bolts that you need to remove are always quietly rolling under the heaviest furniture they can find. A solution could be placing loose nuts (hehe) into a jar or dish, in order to keep them captive. Or you could do it the smart way and get something like the MagnoGrip. We love stumbling over these “why the hell didn’t I think of this” type gadgets.

The MagnoGrip straps on to your wrist like a wristband, but is no ordinary style accessory. As the name might suggest, the MagnoGrip is magnetic. The super duper magnetism holds any loose bolts or screws that you might be working with at the time, to insure a jail break doesn’t occur for the freedom of under the couch. Available for $14.99. — Andrew Dobrow

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