GEEK ALERT: Batman obsession turns into Batman body mods


Thinking of the pain this man must  have endured for a tattoo on such a sensitive area of the body makes us cringe and shiver. As you can see, someone took their fanaticism of the Dark Knight a tad too far, brandishing Batwing eyebrow ink in the process. Now, we’ve known some pretty hardcore comic fans, but this is pretty ridiculous.

Hands down this is the most painful proof of comic obsession we have ever seen. We’ll admit it’s kind of cool as a concept, but to actually have it done? We don’t know what’s more disturbing. This or the equally odd, but intriguing wristwatch piercing. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wtf? ZOMG! — Andrew Dobrow

No Regrets: Batwings for Eyebrows [Dethroner]

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