Wristwatch piercing body mod means never forgetting the time again

wristwatch piercing

You gotta give teenagers credit where credits due. There is no doubt that creativity seeps through the blood of many teenagers and here’s some proof. This watch piercing was done on an 18-year-old girl! This idea wouldn’t work for the squeamish.

Technically you could say this is a body modification, since it is a piercing, but integrating a gadget such as a watch physically INTO your body is plain weird and disturbing. She’ll probably take the piercing out after she realizes she has no excuse to be late for an appointment ever again.

Here’s a quote from her blog discussing her current piercings:

Current Piercings

16g. nostril
6, 10 & 16ga. lobes
14g. tongue

Retired Piercings

14ga. lip ring x2
16ga. nostril
14ga. navel
14ga. eyebrow
14ga. watch
16ga. vertical labret

“Ga” means gauge we suppose. We also tend to think that a piercing of such creative prowess deserves a better name than simply “watch”. — Andrew Dobrow

Wristwatch Piercing [ModBlog, via Bodyhack]

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  1. Wouldn’t like to be that girl when the watch snags against a door or any other firm object.

  2. :O where can I get one of these!!!! Please tell me

  3. gimme gimme!!!

  4. On her list of piercings, she has “Current” and “Retired” – the watch piercing is listed under retired, so I would assume she had it in for a very short time (possibly only a couple of days) because something so heavy through such a small amount of skin would start to reject pretty quickly, and tearing through wouldn’t be pretty.

  5. Nice eye, Megan. Yeah, I’m sure something like this wouldn’t be very practical for everyday life.

  6. This is MY piercing, I had it in for several months. It did get snagged on lots of things but did not reject at all. It healed perfectly. I took it out for personal reasons. Its ridiculous that on every website this is posted on people assume that it only lasted a few days and that it would reject.

  7. The person who wrote this article is incredibly rude. There is nothing weird or disturbing about this. What’s disturbing is your narrow mindedness.

  8. LOL@Sekh
    Self-righteous much? Body mods today are far beyond the pale, not just weird but a clear sign of someone who is a desperate attention whore.

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