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Use Piercings and Tattoos to Create Bio-Mechanical Body Mods

Body modding is no longer the social taboo it once was. In fact, it seems body mods, at least on the less extreme side of the spectrum, such as nose and tongue piercings, are all together trendy. But what about combining piercings and tattoos to create one overall body mod art piece? Your body is your canvas, indeed. This awesome ...

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Pierced Glasses

I’m tempted to call Photoshop but goddamn that looks like it must have hurt. Either way, it’s as close to Morpheus as you’re going to get. Link

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Wristwatch piercing body mod means never forgetting the time again

You gotta give teenagers credit where credits due. There is no doubt that creativity seeps through the blood of many teenagers and here’s some proof. This watch piercing was done on an 18-year-old girl! This idea wouldn’t work for the squeamish. Technically you could say this is a body modification, since it is a piercing, but integrating a gadget such ...

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