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Frat boy meets fanboy in the Nintendo Fraternity House

There’s a fine line between being a fan and being a fanatic. This Nintendo-themed Frat House is off the charts fanaticism at its very finest. A chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon decided to turn their master quarters into a Nintendo fanboy’s dream. The frat features a laser shooter staircase, a Duck Hunt inspired foyer, paper-mache characters, and other Nintendo references ...

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Light Saber Remote Control makes Jedi jealous

Remote controls are usually a dime a dozen. A flat piece of plastic with assorted buttons strewn on one side is a nice generic description of most remote controls. The Light Saber Remote Control adds some flavor to the same old, same old. Design company Taito, designed the Light Saber Remote out of sheer spite for the conforming designs of ...

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GEEK ALERT: Batman obsession turns into Batman body mods

Thinking of the pain this man must  have endured for a tattoo on such a sensitive area of the body makes us cringe and shiver. As you can see, someone took their fanaticism of the Dark Knight a tad too far, brandishing Batwing eyebrow ink in the process. Now, we’ve known some pretty hardcore comic fans, but this is pretty ...

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