Awesome Kill Bill Mods for Desktop and Xbox 360: This is us at our most sadistic

kill bill xbox 360

Mod-designer Chris Lucas seems to be a fan of the Kill Bill movies. In fact, he might need some professional help concerning his passion for the great, but not classic, Tarantino films. Though we must admit, in this case obsessive fanaticism has brewed up some nice mods for the Xbox 360 and a desktop tower. If you’d love to be reminded of the Black Mamba’s blood splattered across your electronic casing, these face plates are a perfect project for you to take on. Regardless of if you liked the movie or not, these designs just look bitchin’. Desktop tower pic after the jump.

kill bill xbox 360

Andrew Dobrow

Spotted: Kill Bill Xbox 360 faceplate [Joystiq]

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  1. AMAZING! I want the 360….

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