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Computer Virus Turns 40

Forty years ago, in 1971, the first computer virus was released to the world. Sadly, PC worms, viruses and trojans have gotten much, much worse than a simple text-based challenge to computer owners.

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GEARgasm: 43″ Ostendotech CRVD Curved Display

I wouldn’t even bother to besmirch the sanctity of the 43″ Ostendotech CRVD display and its 0.02 millisecond response time and 2880�900 resolution with the mediocrity that is my computer. A display like this deserves nothing less than a custom-built gaming behemoth. Most Alienware gamer rigs are too modest for this bad boy. With its awesome curved form factor you’re ...

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The Art of Analog Computing

Imagine we lived in a world where everything was still handled manually. Including computing. If you can’t afford a computer this is a cheaper alternative to shelling out hundreds for your very own PC. Computing is lazy anyway. I personally prefer to hand-press my blog posts. Link

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