GEARgasm: 43″ Ostendotech CRVD Curved Display

I wouldn’t even bother to besmirch the sanctity of the 43″ Ostendotech CRVD display and its 0.02 millisecond response time and 2880�900 resolution with the mediocrity that is my computer. A display like this deserves nothing less than a custom-built gaming behemoth. Most Alienware gamer rigs are too modest for this bad boy.

With its awesome curved form factor you’re enveloped in the game like never before. Can any of your friends say they’ve been hugged by Google? I think not. For $6,500 it’s not exactly an affordable display alternative. But come on. Look at this thing.

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  1. I’ll take 3

  2. Super cool as an all in one unit but I have got to image that in most situations 2 short throw/rear projecting hd projectors would be cheaper and a better and large picture.
    This monitor will sell well once it drops to $999 US.

  3. Would be nice if the resolution didn’t suck.

    Less than 1080 for a $6,500 computer monitor. I’ll pass

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