Revamped Commodore 64 Now On Sale

I was too young to truly get into classic PCs like the Commodore 64. Hell, my first PC was a Gateway… something or other. I just remember it being old because Gateway was still referring to themselves as “Gateway 2000.” Either way, Commodore was not a name in my household.

For those of you who did own one, you may be interested to know that the “new” Commodore 64 is now available for purchase. Built inside an exact replica of the original device, the new C64x offers modern technology in a truly retro design. But it doesn’t come without a price: between $250 and $900.

The $250 model is nothing more than a card reader and the original case. You would have to put everything else inside of it. On the flip side, the $900 “C64x Ultimate” comes with a 1.8GHz Intel Atom CPU, 4GB RAM and a 1TB Hard drive, as well as other perks like wireless Internet and the like.

$900 seems steep to me, but the power of nostalgia can be a dangerous one. While I’d never spend that kind of money on a machine like this, the question is simple: would you?


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  1. Answer to question…

    Yes… I just dropped my C-Card for the $900 model…. wiping the saliva from my face with my Visa statement… I patiently wait…

  2. If my wife wouldn’t kill me for doing so, I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat!

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