Printable Sticker Will Keep Your Hard Drive Safe from the FBI

Now, we’re not insinuating that you’re involved in any illegal activities, or are a torrent-hoarding pirate. Maybe you’ve just released some controversial music, or written an inflammatory political manifesto that puts you on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. What ever your reasons, FAT (Free Art & Technology) has a solution that will help you destroy your hard drive data at a moment’s notice.

All you’ll need is a sticker, and (of course) a drill.

The printable pattern shows you the exact spot that you need to drill in order to destroy your hard drive data. Of course, you need to locate your hard drive before applying the sticker.

Now, the effectiveness of drilling through your hard drive to destroy data is still subject to debate. Some people claim that the Department of Defense can extract data from damaged hard drive fragments that are only 1mm in size. Others claim that using a powerful magnet is a more thorough solution

Either way, you can at least use these stickers for some pretty interesting (and slightly provocative) stationary.

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