DIY: PSP PS2 Controller Mod


This mod, combining the PS2 controller with a PSP, is one that is sure to light a fire under the asses of Sony gaming fans. The mod took about two months to complete, in which time the modder “wanted to throw it out my window and watch it sail 15 floors down”. Though thanks to the help of his Research and Development crew, the mod was finally finished, and looks like it was worth every second.

To achieve this combination he had to tap all of the control lines on the PSP, and attached what seems to be mini-usb connectors, making it resemble a prop from the Matrix movies. The final product is a very well done project to give a PSP an external controller. What is the benefit of having an external controller? Well other then looking pretty cool, it’s bound to be better for navigation on the go. Check it out at acidmods from concept to finished product. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. The psp and ps2 controller fuse looks very cool and also alot more comfortable for your gaming experience. Has to be one of the best idea I’ve seen for a psp assesary to come out. My only questions are can it be done to the slim and how can I get one?

  2. ya ok sooo how do u do this thoo

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