Smitten surgeon leaves her number in a way the patient will never forget


This is almost as scary as waking up in a bath tub with one of your kidneys missing. Or I guess the most romantic idea ever depending on your point of view. Handsome and wealthy Kurt Fulson never expected to have his surgeon creatively flirt with him.

After taking a spill snowboarding, Fulson needed to have surgery performed to reconstruct his left leg. When he woke up, he saw the phone number and the name Sandy, stitched into the side of his leg. The mystery woman named “Sandy”, was actually Dr. Sandra Nemington, head surgeon of the team responsible of repairing Fulson’s leg.

Dr. Nemington insists that her masterful stitching will not become a permanent scare, just in case things were to fall through on her plan. Body mods like this seem quite scary. Fulson maintains that he is still unsure of whether he will call, mentioning her making him “weak in the knees”. — Andrew Dobrow

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