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The Light That Only Turns On If You Blow In Its Ear

I never understood the whole “blowing in the ear” form of flirtation. I’ve both blown into ears and had my ears blown into and from first hand experience, ear blowing is neither exhilarating, nor an effective form of sexual coercion. I’m guessing its just one of those things that old time TV shows and movies used as a euphemism for ...

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Talking Buck Uncomfortably Harasses Female Guests

Do you really need another reason for the ladies to be creeped-out by your house? Your weird collection of Kamasutra Robots and your robotic lovechild are enough to scare even the spiniest of family members away. The addition of a sexually-harassing inter-species flirting Talking Deer doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much help of a help to your social ...

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Russian Computer Program Fakes It! Online Flirting, That Is

Those of your who turn to the Internet for match making might want to be on the lookout, for the next “woman” you are talking to might just be a program designed to flirt. A Russian website called CyberLover.ru is advertising software that can simulate chatroom flirt exchanges. And we aren’t talking about those bots that are all like “14/f ...

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Smitten surgeon leaves her number in a way the patient will never forget

This is almost as scary as waking up in a bath tub with one of your kidneys missing. Or I guess the most romantic idea ever depending on your point of view. Handsome and wealthy Kurt Fulson never expected to have his surgeon creatively flirt with him. After taking a spill snowboarding, Fulson needed to have surgery performed to reconstruct ...

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