DIY ear-endoscopy for everyone!


We don’t know how many of you guys habitually  clean your own ears, some use cotton bud, some use fancy spectulas. The problem of doing that is that you can never see what’s inside… unless you’re performing on somebody else, which is pretty gross. In 2 days, Coden Japan  will start selling this easy-to-use ear endoscope-alike ear cleaning device for you to DIY at home. Now you can clean you ears and enjoy the glorious view on the screen, or over the eyepiece, depending on how much you are willing to pay, and how much you are prepared to share. The  most basic kit costs 150USD and the premium one costs 350USD.  We have a video and more pics for you after the jump.



Sam Chan

Demonstraton Video [Coden Japan]

Product Page  [Coden Japan]

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