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Chariot Wearable Transporter: Part Segway, Part Cyborg

Legs just aren’t what they used to be. Human limbs used to be the driving force behind America’s booming industry, once ushering in a new age of wealth. These days, machines are slowly taking our place on the assembly line. From a businessman’s stand point, it just makes sense. Why pay four employees for a job that a single robot ...

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Personal Transportation Device Joins Skiing With Segway

After seeing some totally unsatisfactory uses of the Segway, I have built up a bad taste for the user base of the personal transport device (with the exception of this dude.) It’s time that a new device took the Segway from the top rungs of popularity and laziness. This newly designed transportation device by Sarah Park mashes together the personal ...

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Flying Solo: Jet Wing Gives You Wings

Unless you find yourself mutated from a radioactive leak or something, the odds of flying without the aid of technology is looking pretty slim for the human race. Using the Jet Wing is about as close as you can get to solo flight without the aid of physical mutation. Jet Wing is a personal flying apparatus which will keep you ...

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Emergency button closes porn sites when mom comes in

The Japanese are ingenious, they’re bringing the simple technology from banks directly to your room. I’m sure you’ve seen under-table emergency buttons in banks, some are pressed with the fingers, and some with the foot. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn off all your embarrassing and personal pursuit on screen as soon as somebody pops up behind ...

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2 months with the UV lamped toothbrush case

Japanese are obsessive with hygiene, so much that somebody invented the ultimate toothbrush carrying case with built-in UV lamp; supposedly it’ll kill germs. While everything sounds so much like a dream, the case is so portable, the UV lamp runs on AAA batteries. So the guys who tested it took it for a try, their conclusion this morning is that ...

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DIY ear-endoscopy for everyone!

  We don’t know how many of you guys habitually  clean your own ears, some use cotton bud, some use fancy spectulas. The problem of doing that is that you can never see what’s inside… unless you’re performing on somebody else, which is pretty gross. In 2 days, Coden Japan  will start selling this easy-to-use ear endoscope-alike ear cleaning device ...

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