Headplay’s Personal Cinema System: a 52″ TV that doesn’t cost an arm and leg

headplay personal cinema system

Ok, so maybe a 52 inch TV doesn’t cost an arm and leg (but its close), but there is more deception than that in the title. Headplay’s Personal Cinema System isn’t actually a 52 inch TV; its actually headgear that has a screen which looks the same size as a 52 inch TV because it is so close to your face. This strange looking contraption can be connected to many different devices, such as a PC, iPod, Xbox 360, or DVD player. Don’t worry; if you don’t have all those fancy gadgets, memory cards and thumb drives work also. With a resolution of 1024×768, you’ll have no trouble imagining you have a monster 52 inch TV in your house. Make sure you never wear this in a place where the general public could see you because you will look really stupid and become the laughing stock of you friends.

Another precaution, if you are playing gears of war with this on, play in an open area so you when you start getting into it you won’t hit anything. If this looks like the perfect substitution to that crappy TV you have right now, then pray that this won’t be too expensive; they reveal it at CES. — Nick Rice

Headplay 52″ TV: it’s all in your head [Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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