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Technology Continues to Make TV Better

smart television

The remote control may soon be obsolete if the latest technology for TV has anything to say about it. The days of browsing through hundreds of channels or flipping through the weekly TV Guide are long gone for those who embrace technology. Here are just a few ways that DirecTV and other apps are working to make watching TV even easier.

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Turn Your Flat Screen TV Into an iPad

While Apple is getting all sorts of heat for their faulty design and software issues of the iPhone 4, the iPad remains a fallback excuse for what makes Apple just so Apple-y. It’s slick, it’s smooth, it’s edible, it’s quick and maybe most important, it’s fun. In fact, the iPad is such a success that other companies are starting to ...

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DVD Rewinder: An Indispensable Gadget

I’m not quite sure how my household would get along without this DVD Rewinder, a truly necessary gadget in any man serious about his media. I despise receiving DVDs from Netflix, only to find that they haven’t been properly rewound. I do not care to see the middle of a film before I’ve seen the beginning. It’s almost as irritating ...

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Baby’s First Cubicle: Being Honest with Your Kids

I’m a realist. I’m not going to promise my kid they can do whatever they want, because in reality, they’re likely never going to grow wings out of their asshole and fly. And even more realistic, they’ll almost positively never be President of the United States. I’d say the asshole wings have better odds then that. So I’ve decided that ...

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TV Poltergeist Fools Your Friends Into Fear

April Fools’ Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get nasty. It’s time to get mean. It’s time to get ruthless. And feel totally not guilty about it at all. TV Poltergeist is a little device that you can hide in your living room that will automatically turn the power to the TV off and on ...

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