Flying Solo: Jet Wing Gives You Wings


Unless you find yourself mutated from a radioactive leak or something, the odds of flying without the aid of technology is looking pretty slim for the human race. Using the Jet Wing is about as close as you can get to solo flight without the aid of physical mutation. Jet Wing is a personal flying apparatus which will keep you flying horizontally at 115 mph for a few minutes before pooping out. The only problem is that the engines aren’t powerful enough to launch our massive bodies.

To use the Jet Wing, you have to jump out of a plane or off a cliff, at which point you’ll get a few glorious minutes of flight, before plummeting back to earth with the help of a parachute. Now, you can try doing this without the Jet Wing, but we definitely don’t recommend it. Make sure to have an ambulance and a hearse on hand if you give it a try. — Andrew Dobrow

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