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Scantron Hero

The best thing about Scantron Hero is that every line is a single note, so I suppose the best comparison would be Hard mode on Guitar Hero. Because you know with expert there would be a healthy number of double and even triple note lines. Just don’t play the same note consecutively too many times or people might get suspicious ...

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Safe Way To Store Data: ioSafe Solo

Cheap 2TB hard drives are nice and all, but what if you’re looking for a hard drive that’s a little more diesel? A hard drive that can take a beating and still manages to store all of your precious data safely. That sums up the ioSafe Solo external hard drive. It’s fireproof, waterproof and can pack 1.5TBs of data in ...

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Retail Copy Of Chinese Democracy Leaks

The time has finally come – Dr. Pepper owes me a drink. Wait, what’s this? Vince is telling me that I’m not getting my Dr. Pepper until Chinese Democracy is actually released. This pirated copy you see before you doesn’t count. Man, that sucks! At least it’s got every every track from the album, so we won’t miss out on ...

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Wreckage Found With Steve Fossett Written All Over It

Steve Fossett has been missing for quite some time. Having disappeared during a solo flight expedition without a trace of evidence left in his wake, search teams promptly set out in an effort to discover what became of the millionaire adventurer.� On Monday, a hiker had discovered identification with Fossett’s name on it. Aerial surveillance revealed a wreckage near the ...

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Flying Solo: Jet Wing Gives You Wings

Unless you find yourself mutated from a radioactive leak or something, the odds of flying without the aid of technology is looking pretty slim for the human race. Using the Jet Wing is about as close as you can get to solo flight without the aid of physical mutation. Jet Wing is a personal flying apparatus which will keep you ...

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