Wreckage Found With Steve Fossett Written All Over It

Steve Fossett has been missing for quite some time. Having disappeared during a solo flight expedition without a trace of evidence left in his wake, search teams promptly set out in an effort to discover what became of the millionaire adventurer.� On Monday, a hiker had discovered identification with Fossett’s name on it. Aerial surveillance revealed a wreckage near the town of Mammoth Lakes. California.

“We’re not certain that it belongs to Steve Fossett, but it certainly has his name on the ID,” said Mammoth Lakes, California, Police Chief Randy Schienle.

Is this case closed? I believe risk assessor Robert Davis, who would refuse to assume that Fossett was dead (back in February when his death was declared official), would be satisfied now.


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  1. Interesting that we are seeing pictures of a wrecked orange and white aircraft when pictures of the airplane Steve Fossett was suppose to be flying is blue and yellow. Also – the orange and white aircraft parts appear to be from a metal covered airplane. The missing airplane was a fabric covered tube and stick aircraft. Not much sheet metal on it except for cowling and possibly over the wing tank area.

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