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Wreckage Found With Steve Fossett Written All Over It

Steve Fossett has been missing for quite some time. Having disappeared during a solo flight expedition without a trace of evidence left in his wake, search teams promptly set out in an effort to discover what became of the millionaire adventurer.� On Monday, a hiker had discovered identification with Fossett’s name on it. Aerial surveillance revealed a wreckage near the ...

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Worst Rollercoaster Related Death, Ever (Sorta)

Take a peek at this video of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Who doesn’t love messing with an amusement park’s rides to make massacres occur at will? In Tycoon 2, I used to build the free fall rides real short, but make it launch at high speeds. It was a death trap ride I named “Suicide Machine“. This video shows a roller ...

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