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The Missing Super Mario Bros. 3 Level That Never Was

This is pretty strange. As one of the leading console series names in the world you’d figure that Nintendo would have had their Super Mario Bros. 3 release edited and studied unmercifully until its release. But somehow the game was released featuring a screen shot of a level which never even appears in the game. Have you ever seen this ...

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Where’s Vince?

Seriously, where’s Vince? Could he be rock climbing like this wire-clad lad attached to my fridge? Absolutely not. Vince couldn’t climb if his ass depended on it. I hear he’s in LA meeting with important people concerning important things exchanging important facts in an important room, but then again – what do I know?

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Wreckage Found With Steve Fossett Written All Over It

Steve Fossett has been missing for quite some time. Having disappeared during a solo flight expedition without a trace of evidence left in his wake, search teams promptly set out in an effort to discover what became of the millionaire adventurer.� On Monday, a hiker had discovered identification with Fossett’s name on it. Aerial surveillance revealed a wreckage near the ...

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Steve Fossett: Is He Dead? Probably

For those unfamiliar with who Steve Fossett is: he was the first person to fly solo, nonstop, around the world in a balloon. He went missing in September of 2007 over the Nevada Desert, with no trace of his plane or himself ever discovered. He was officially pronounced dead by a courtroom judge February of this year. But some are ...

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