Steve Fossett: Is He Dead? Probably

For those unfamiliar with who Steve Fossett is: he was the first person to fly solo, nonstop, around the world in a balloon. He went missing in September of 2007 over the Nevada Desert, with no trace of his plane or himself ever discovered. He was officially pronounced dead by a courtroom judge February of this year.

But some are claiming he’s still alive, that he’s faked his own death due to personal problems.

Risk assessor Robert Davis says,

“I discovered that there is absolutely no proof that Steve Fossett is actually dead. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a man who deals in facts, and I don’t really care if he is alive or dead, it make no difference to me. What I am interested in is the truth – and a proper criminal investigation of this man’s disappearance was never undertaken by law enforcement or officials in the state of Nevada.”

Davis is quoted as saying he doesn’t care if he’s alive or dead. What an asshole. Anyways, what it boils down to is many hidden variables of the case. Why did Fossett take off without emergency equipment? Was the plane he disappeared in quickly disassembled and hidden? Where would he go? Like Amelia Earhart, there are many unanswered questions to this case. Then again, people are less likely go to missing without a trace during these days of airborne surveillance in the sort of manner that turns up absolutely no evidence. Who knows if we’ll ever find the answers we’re looking for? If his wife believes he’s dead and he hasn’t accessed any of his assets since his disappearance, isn’t that good enough?


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  1. To Whom it may Concern,

    “The story that appeared in the News of the World at the weekend was factually inaccurate. I have not been engaged by alleged Lloyd’s of London to carry out an assessment into the disappearance of Steve Fossett.”

    “Due to client confidentiality I cannot comment on any past or ongoing assessments.”

    It further appears in my opinion, the story was written incorrectly and is based on the opinion of the reporters.

    I feel the Civil Air Patrol did an excellent job during and after the search. They are the backbone of America whereas the CAP is staffed by professional volunteers who do incredible work under extra ordinary circumstances. The Civil Air Patrol should be congratulated for the expert and precise search rendered to the State of Nevada and for all the interested parties of the World.

    It is unfortunate the story could be based on Tabloid Gossip.

    Kindest Regards,
    Robert Davis

  2. Thanks Robert. Gossip tends to come out of its shell days later….especially with PAGE SIX.

  3. Mr. Robert Davis is a well known con-man in the Shreveport area. He took money from his ill mother and hired an investigator hoping to exploit the Fossett tragedy in search of fame and fortune. He bragged to everyone in Shreveport that he was hired by Loyds of London, which he WAS NOT. He is a part time auto accident adjuster and has been associated with numerous get rich scemes and perpetual motion machine scams. Robert Davis often poses as a detective, special agent, SECRET AGENT, law enforcement officer, and routinely represents himself as an investigator for Lloyds of London.

    Those of us that know him have come to ignore his wild stories. Now, two years after the fact, we find out that one of his scams got national attention. Our family is extremely embarrassed and offer our sincerest appologies to all that were take in by this scam.

    Michael Davis

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