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Gorgeous Mystery and Moontek Watches

These gorgeous futuristic watches by designer Jacques Fournier caught my eye because of their modern style and sleek finish. The Mystery features four different time zones on four separate face plates while the Moontek is slightly more conventional, featuring a gorgeous Tourbillon and a jumping hour feature inspired by space travel, a feature everybody will need when we’re all evacuated ...

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Defcon Mystery Challenge

Looks like Defcon 16 is one of the best yet. The “Defcon 16 Mystery Challenge” is a competition for attendees to have at. Solve a series of puzzles and mysteries and you could win special black Defcon badges that give you free admittance for life. One of the puzzles includes this delightful yellow ball with a combination lock on the ...

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Steve Fossett: Is He Dead? Probably

For those unfamiliar with who Steve Fossett is: he was the first person to fly solo, nonstop, around the world in a balloon. He went missing in September of 2007 over the Nevada Desert, with no trace of his plane or himself ever discovered. He was officially pronounced dead by a courtroom judge February of this year. But some are ...

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Sony To Unleash Magical Mystery Product On Monday

Japanese electronics giant Sony is set to unveil a mysterious new product Monday night at 9 p.m. sharp. No one has any idea what type of device Sony is going to reveal, but on their web site they released a picture of a glowing green power button and promised something that will “redefine” performance, mobility, and style. Based on those ...

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MST3K Lives On Through YouTube

For those not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, shame on you. A man and two robots trapped on a satellite forced to watch terrible movies sums it up. While most of the humor was displayed during the trash films that played throughout each episode of the show, there were intermissions between commercials. One of the more memorable moments is ...

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