Fusion Man Flies Around on Rocket-Powered Wings


What does an ex-fighter pilot do for thrills and kicks when he’s done shooting down krauts? He builds a unique rocket-powered flying machine, takes some opium and calls himself Fusion Man. Such is the life of 48-year-old Yves Rossy, the man behind the wings of his real-life Iron Man suit. Rossy is able to achieve speeds of 186 mph and altitudes of about 8200 ft.

It’s interesting how Fusion Man gets going on his wings. First, he jumps out of an airplane, after that, he coasts for awhile before igniting the four rockets on his wings. The entire time he is able to maintain complete control and even perform maneuvers like a 360 and barrel roll. All I want to know is how I can get my hands on one of these amazing suits. Who needs a FPV RC kit when you can become the airplane itself!

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