DIY “Midi” (Kinda) Footpedal


Not exactly a true ‘midi’ pedal in the full sense of the word. The PCB used for the sound system is actually the old innards of a keyboard, connected through Radio Shack foot pedals that Myspacer, Tvkid, had to travel on a 60 mile marathon run, to find enough for his creation.

Running the pedal system through a laptop through a USB midi interface and replacing the PCB keyboard with a drum machine were the finishing touches on this home grown midi simulator. Here’s how Tvkid explains it on his project post:

Just to recap, here’s the process of how it works:

1. Press foot pedal.
2. Foot pedal, connected to PCB, acts like a key on a PC keyboard.
3. The “keyboard” PCB chip sends a standard PS/2 signal to laptop.
4. Virtual keyboard program on laptop gets keyboard command and converts it to MIDI.
5. MIDI is sent to synth unit.
6. Synth unit generates sound and spits it out of my amp, making our music sound even cheesier than before!

Surely one of the coolest blog posts ever posted to MySpace. — Andrew Dobrow

[MySpace Blog via Hack A Day]

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