Home webcam 3D image scanning, because you can’t trust the mirror

laser 3d scanning

We are sick and tired about hearing our girlfriends complain about how the mirror at our houses make them look fat. We are also sick of not being able to accurately create ourselves in video and pc games that should be more personalized. We soon might have an answer for both. The Institute of Robotics and Process Control, has created a software that, once calibrated with a preset background image, scans objects by processing breaks in the line of laser as it scans. When a substantial number of measurements are taken, the image can be pieced together into a full image, giving a full 3D view of your every dimension. Don’t get too excited, this thing won’t “lie” like your home mirror does. Though, it might eventually be able to be used in gaming graphics and maybe even facial recognition. — Andrew Dobrow

Laser 3D scanning with a webcam [Hack A Day]

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  1. its so crazy!>>good idea!

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