White PS3 going for $1,500+ on eBay

white playstation 3

And you thought that the people getting pink and orange Zunes were lucky… Well, the person who opened their box and found a white PS3 doesn’t really exist, so don’t fret. This white PS3 was homemade, well, home painted is more like it. PS3Center actually took the time to take their brand new PS3 apart, painstaking paint the black components, put it back together (and make it work), and sell it on eBay as the first ever white PS3. Their time was definitely worth it because this baby is going to go for well above $1,500 when the auction ends in a couple days. It looks beautiful, but it probably loves your fingerprints just as much as the normal, boring, black PS3 does. Now all we have to do it wait for the hot pink PS3 to emerge. You know it’s inevitable…

white playstation 3

white playstation 3

white playstation 3

Nik Gomez

White PS3 eBay Page [via TechEBlog]

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  1. Wow! Thats look�s really cool!

  2. MMMM Maybe I’ll do the same… Paint it with orange color, I need to know what kind of paint they use for it.

  3. where can i get the part to make that ive been looking for them since the ps3 came out and i cant find them if u know were please help

  4. lol my cousin bought that ps3 and its not the only one and nope it doesnt catch finger prints like the other black one but still its awesome and that used car glossy paint! if anyone wanna come over to my cousins house and take a look go on ahead! he doesnt mind! ( it was sold for $6700)

  5. fucking queers suck it

  6. lol… dudes… u can actually buy white ps3’s… why on earth would someone wanna buy white ps3 for 1.5K when u can get it for the same normal price…. pretty stoopid?

  7. I did the exact same thing to my launch 60gb- except mine isn’t glossy it’s dull white like the controllers- everyone that sees it flips out like when the first white man stepped onto African cont. like they never imagined it was ever possible! Email me for some pics – [email protected]

  8. Lolx…This guy is gay. White PS3’s r so old now. it was about 2009 when they were relesed for real. This isnt homeade..this is the gayest project someone could put together. And plus, so you know he’s lying, Xbox 360’s are the easiest to take apart by hand, a PS3 would take atleast 6 months to take apart and put together again.

    LOLX !!!

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