The Power Glove Wiimote Mod!

wii power glove mod

The launch of the Wii came and went with only a couple riots as the consequence. If you missed out on the Wii rush, fist fights and all, we both envy and pity you. But despite our black eyes, and your lack of a gaming console, we now all get to join hands and enjoy the crazy mods that are bound to pop-up. This one might just be the coolest yet. Mixing the retro with the modern, the Nintendo Power Glove and Wiimote become one in this cyborg-looking mod.

The really cool thing about the Wii Glove is that all of the finger buttons are operational. Sure to bring any original glove junkie to his knees in nostalgic submission. Even though the Wiimote seems incredibly awesome as it is, the modders proclaim that this is just a prototype for what’s to come. Lay it on us, boys. — Andrew Dobrow

Wii Power Glove! [SlashGear]

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