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DIY Halloween: Be Your Mii

Simple, yet effective. With a few artistic talents and some old junk you likely have laying around the house anyway, you can create your own Nintendo Mii costume. This guy used some spare cardboard to fashion a tennis racket and little red rubber buffers as peg hands. The solid red t-shirt seals the deal. I imagine the mask is simple ...

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LEGO Wiimote

You’d figure that if LEGO released a Wii Remote they’d do it right and let you build the whole thing from scratch. But seeing as there are small kids and even smaller geriatrics who regularly use the Wii, LEGO saw that it was more fitting to introduce a branded Wiimote with a little less need for technical know-how. So we ...

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Wiings: A Ridiculously Pointless Wii Peripheral

Designed to be used for the Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye minigame included with Wii Fit Plus, these Wings for the Wii, or as we like to call them Wiings, are nothing short of pointless. And yes, we believe there are people who would actually buy these things. Look people, just do yourself a favor and grab a pair of oven ...

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Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Holder

When he’s not making promises of baked goods or plotting his destruction of Christmas, Darth Vader just likes to chill out and play with his Wii, but not in the traditional way we’re familiar with. Of course not, come on, could you see Vader gaming to the tune of Super Mario Bros? I think not. No, the Darth man likes ...

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Nintendo Wii Laptop

Ben Heck forum contributor OMGpedobear created this Nintedo Wii Laptop from scratch, including some pretty cool LED action, if you’re into that sort of thing. While the internals might not be the most organized or secured set-up we’ve ever seen, we always love to see modding geniuses working for the geeky cause of making full-scale gaming as mobile as possible. ...

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