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Nostalgia: Play Number Munchers Online

Wow. I saw the image on Doobybrain and was just immediately blown away. I haven’t played the classic learning game Number Munchers since 2nd or 3rd grade. That’s a long time ago. Lucky for me and other nostalgic nerds, someone was kind enough to port the Apple II version to the web for all of us to enjoy. Need to ...

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Super Mario 1-up Mushroom Scarf

We would totally rock this scarf on the upcoming winter days, if only our relatives were hip enough to understand our inner geek as well as our outer geek. $95 seems like a lot for a scarf, but considering it’s 75″ long and is stylish as hell, we know a lot of people who would shell out the cash. If ...

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The Power Glove Wiimote Mod!

The launch of the Wii came and went with only a couple riots as the consequence. If you missed out on the Wii rush, fist fights and all, we both envy and pity you. But despite our black eyes, and your lack of a gaming console, we now all get to join hands and enjoy the crazy mods that are ...

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