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First detailed review of Sony video Walkman NW-A800

It was only a while ago when we first saw Sony’s new re-designed video plus MP3 Walkman, our friends in Japan have already gotten their hands on one of them, and gave us a really detailed review. Instead of leaving you to struggle with online translators, we’re biometric over here.

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Meizu rips off Windows Vista, after iPhone and iPod nano

Meizu (the Chinese company famous for ripping off other people’s designs and making them work better than the original) has done it again. After taking inspiration from the iPod nano and the iPhone, Microsoft is not spared either. But really, this time is just a soft rip-off, since it’s Meizu’s skin hacked by Meizu fans to make it look like ...

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iRiver X20 video player ups to 8GB now

  iRiver Japan announced the X20  multimedia player this afternoon. The X20 is reasonably small and light (98.5×49.0x14.8mm 71g), it spots a 2.2″ QVGA screen, stereo speaker and  micoSD slot.  The model will come in 2GB and 4GB, and to our excitement the company is also releasing a 8GB version that was not reported at CES.

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Preview: carry your own OS around with the Wizpy media player

Japanese company TurboLinux will start selling their Wizpy Portable Media Player (PMP) in 2 weeks, ITmedia took it for a review and answered a lot of our questions. What’s so special about this not-too-attractive PMP is that apart from the usual 4GB FM radio, voice recorder, music, video, picture, text viewer that we see in the market, it has a ...

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Cowon D2 tries to take Clix down: 2.5″ QVGA touch screen, 4GB, SD card slot

Recently we heard that the Cowon (iAudio) D1 will not be produced anymore, but fans should be pleasantly encouraged by the company’s announcement this morning. The new Cowon D2 comes with a 2.5 QVGA touch screen, all new touchscreen interface and a SD slot (SDHC not supported), all that kept in a fairly small package (56x78x17mm 95g). Music files supported ...

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LG FM37 (it rhymes) brings touchscreen tech now

Look at those screens and realize that they aren’t nearly as small as your iPod Nanos. Comparatively, the new LG FM37 digital media player packs either a 1/2/4 GB flash drive and supports MP3, WMA, and OGG audio playback. On the concept of thin, this player is only 10.4mm thin (about 1cm). Those screens are touchscreens and are 2.4″ LCDs. ...

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