LG FM37 (it rhymes) brings touchscreen tech now

lg fm37 touchscreen mp3 player

Look at those screens and realize that they aren’t nearly as small as your iPod Nanos. Comparatively, the new LG FM37 digital media player packs either a 1/2/4 GB flash drive and supports MP3, WMA, and OGG audio playback. On the concept of thin, this player is only 10.4mm thin (about 1cm). Those screens are touchscreens and are 2.4″ LCDs. iPhone is a tad late here. At first glance, these look almost like an iRiver S10 of sorts, but it also looks like it ties in with the Chocolate line. Too bad this isn’t a USA player. So whatelse can this tiny piece of hardware sqeeze out? 24 hours of audio, 3 hours of video (unspecified), and it will only cost $159, $192, or $256 for the 1/2/4GB capacities, respectively. Looking like quite a catch. — Nik Gomez

LG’s FM37 touch-screen MP3 player (and others) outted in Korea [Engadget]

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