Toto toilet-ring plays MP3, gives fragrance and washes you up nice-n-warm

toto apricot

Japanese famous toilet maker Toto today has announced an update to their electronic toilet-ring series. The new Apricot series comes with a pair of Kenwood speakers built in and can play MP3s off the SD card you slot in, the music will start automatically as you sit on the ring, thanks to the pressure sensor. The ring is made of special material that doesn’t retain stain, so you don’t have to wash it that often theoretically, you can also cover your laziness with the fragrance that is given out at interval.   Needless to say, the toilet ring can wash you up with warm water, you can adjust the temperature, pressure as well as position to your liking. The top model F5A will be selling for a whipping $1890 this February in Japan. — Sam Chan

Toto Apricot  [Toto Japan]

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