Meizu rips off Windows Vista, after iPhone and iPod nano


Meizu (the Chinese company famous for ripping off other people’s designs and making them work better than the original) has done it again. After taking inspiration from the iPod nano and the iPhone, Microsoft is not spared either. But really, this time is just a soft rip-off, since it’s Meizu’s skin hacked by Meizu fans to make it look like Windows Vista, whether it really looks that much like the Windows Vista is arguable, but the fans are still improving on the skin as if they won’t stop until they have created the exact same clone. You can download Version 4 and give it a try, you might risk voiding the warranty however. —Sam Chan

Discussion Thread [Meizu Chinese forum]

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  1. WOw, its a custom skin, i have meizu, it may be said to be ipiod knockoff, an it smokes the ipod, its not rippin of vista, its takin vista images an putting them on the meizu, stop complaining

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