37GB HDD records 2500 hours of your fav radio programs, until you get sick of it


This is so 1960s mentality but wouldn’t it be great to record all your radio programs on to a huge harddisk? Olympus might have the answer for you, their new Radio Server VJ-10 tunes AM/FM radios and have a reasonably good pair of 28mm unit stereo speakers with SRS WOW XT technologies, the most important part is the built-in 37GB harddisk that can  save up to 2500 hours of radio programs in WMA format. Line-in voice recording and standard 3.5mm headphone jack are all there. The USB 2.0 port  makes it possible for  you to transfer  music (MP3/WMA)  from your computer and have them played on the VJ-10, so it’s not a bad deal afterall. The version with 6-month worth of NHK English language program pre-install will be priced at 400USD, and the one without would be 350USD. —Sam Chan

Product Page [Olympus]

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