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Japanese company TurboLinux will start selling their Wizpy Portable Media Player (PMP) in 2 weeks, ITmedia took it for a review and answered a lot of our questions. What’s so special about this not-too-attractive PMP is that apart from the usual 4GB FM radio, voice recorder, music, video, picture, text viewer that we see in the market, it has a Linux operating system on it with which you can boot any PC as long as they can boot from USB drive (CD/DVD-ROM or HDD).


So what can you do with the TurboLinux? The softwares preisntalled on the Wizpy are as follows: Firefox for internet browsing, Thunderbird for emailing, Skype for IP phone calls, Flash player, Real Player, CD/DVD ripping softwares, Wizpy player for Windows Media, Open Office 2.1 for editing MS Office files, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, ATOK for Japanese input as well as 5 Ricoh truetype fonts. You will also be able to download new applications from TurboLinux’s official portal, and perform firmware updates when necessary. So carrying an OS around with you will mean that you can rip your music and movies anywhere, you can carry your email/internet settings and email messages everywhere, you can also perform some office work on computers without MS Office installed.


File formats supported as a media player: OGG, MP3, WMA. Xvid, DiVX. TXT, JPEG.


Memory and Price: 2GB (260USD) or 4GB (300USD)


Battery: 10hours of music, charged via USB

Size and weight: 84x42x12.2mm 50g

Availability: Feb23 in Japan only.

Sam Chan

Wizpy Preview [Itmedia]

Product Page [TurboLinux]

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