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Building Your Career: Getting A PMP Certification To Boost Your Employability

Introduction The PMP, or project management professional certification, is an objective indicator of one’s abilities and experience in project management. It is widely regarded and provides people who obtain it with improved employment possibilities, credibility, and increased income.  A PMP holder can find employment in almost any field or setting. Although obtaining it requires a few steps, it may be ...

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Samsung P3 Sneak Peek!

Samsung is updating its portable media player with the successor to the Samsung YP-P2, the Samsung P3. The device will be formerly announced in January, joining the media player race alongside the iPod, Toshiba U103 and the non-existant MySpace PMP. Subtle changes include its rectangular aluminum body and three inch 480 x 272 touchscreen. You can expect it to have ...

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Slideon.v2: Even more ghostly

A few days ago we talked about the Slideon concept PMP design and its sleek slider style. With the first version fresh in our minds, the Slideon.v2 improves on the already gorgeous MP3 player. v2 features a huge wide-screen, which is as big as a normal iPod. The slide design means no obtrusive buttons to get in the way and ...

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Slideon MP3 Player is ghostly

With the ever-changing mobile phone market becoming a breeding ground for slider phones, it’s no surprise that a PMP player would eventually be designed in the fashion of the slide design. Hell, Apple’s doing the opposite for the iPhone, right? The Slideon MP3 Player is a concept design from Ian Murchison. The Slideon is designed to integrate the sleekness of ...

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Digital Jewel Box changing the face of portable media and album art

Sometimes, the days of holding a good old CD case in our hands as we listen to an album makes us yearn for simpler times when MP3 players only held a few gigs of data. This concept by David Friedman mixes the modern technology of digital displays, high powered PMP systems, and the days of old jewel CD case, to ...

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Preview: carry your own OS around with the Wizpy media player

Japanese company TurboLinux will start selling their Wizpy Portable Media Player (PMP) in 2 weeks, ITmedia took it for a review and answered a lot of our questions. What’s so special about this not-too-attractive PMP is that apart from the usual 4GB FM radio, voice recorder, music, video, picture, text viewer that we see in the market, it has a ...

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